Sunday, 15 May 2011

SIC Kiwamii Tamashi Kamen Rider Hibiki

i wanna review but~ Ye now, i still do not have any adequate camera. here is my SIC Kiwamii Tamashi Hibiki pic, using my friend canon IXUS 120 IS pocket cam XD. Hibiki series itself, is one of my favorite Heisei era Kamen Rider,. or Oni Riders. or just call them awesome-tokusatsu-heroes-that-does't-belong-to-kamen-rider-franchise :)

SIC KT Vol. 1

1x Onsa
2x set of hands
1x Animal Disc

1. good poseability
2. good color scheme even tough not in maziora color
3. cheap

1. no animal disc in the actual animal mode :(
2. onsa in activated mode is not included.
3. package is awesomely annoying. much worse than later edition SIC KT ( wich is still suck)

but hey, it's just stand still awesome there. :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Quick Update

SD Stargazer
HG Archer

HG Hi-V Gundoom [bootleg]
HMM Zoids Liger Zero Schneider
MG Strike Freedom (not FBM, decal and paint mod)

MG Sword Impulse
RG Strike
MG Crossbone X-1 + Lance (HG GN-X)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 - A wakening of Trailblazer -

finished watched this yesterday. thanks for [gg] and [BSS] (hence its [gSS] subtitle). :)

since this is a new movie, i wont spoil it, but i make this post just to spoil that this movie had such great soundtrack.

must listen:
Wakasa Yue Entereria


Tozasareta Sekai
Mayonaka no Lion


Chiaki Ishikawa

Mou Namimo Kowaku Nai, Kowaku Nai


for test purpose only, buy the cd if you liked. ^^

Happy New Year!!!

quite late but, yup, its 2011.

i quite surprise this blog actually got its 1st milestone, 100 hit. wow. yeah, i know you really dissapointed and think youre wasted time on this blog, since i was never update nor post,.. heheh. but just saw 3 comment and 100 view is just awesome for me. ^^

this year going to be quite something, since last year i actually able to snap fit 10 HG, 2 MG, review a SIC KT, and grup buy a Deformeister.
for you dont know a Deformeister is simply alike with Super Deformed Gundam, prebuild, and at size of petite nendroid. i got myself Kick Hopper and W Cyclone Joker^^. while actually it comes as random packet (9 variations and 1secret); we got these as set wich rearranged by the store, so we get 1 of each, while actually you could got a same item twice, and lost other).

while quite amazing, i must upgrade my PC soon, so no gunpla/rider stuff for a while. This year, by a Magz my friend got, had this horoscope:
"The year of success and prosperity for Sagittarius, Be CARELESS, be ADVENTUROUS, be IRRESPONSIBLE, Be INDEPENDENT. have FUN. keep the MIND OPEN and being NICE, GO WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRE. AVOID not going anywhere. LIFE AT THE FULLEST. ( Sagittarius 2011 Horoscope, Venture Magz)"
i not quite a believer for these, but yeah, its a good advice for me. ^^ 2010 is a great hikki year, but 2011 is the year of Adventure! XD.

alas, the only one i must get done soon is my last MG,hi-V

sorry for the photo quality. ^^

and yes, i promise for update IF im not lazy enough. ^^

Monday, 6 December 2010

MG 00Qant[T]

just finished this kit yesterday,... and i was like YOOOOOO!!!!!. many clear green pars is easily to fall, and its leg/body/head proportion just feel weird. and the GN Sword V is just weid. weird. WEIRD! the space between handle and sword just too much, and the handle itself just too short,... still i always love sword,... lol.

and FYI, n led part. *sigh. and i think there will be another version of this MG soon, believe it, coz bandai love to torture you.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Perfect Weekend


Sunny Day,
Clear Sky,

its a perfect day to do everything.
hell. the worst part is it always come with perfect day to do NOTHING. yay!

Dulla Dula ~~ Duladullaa~~